Charles Plager's Me Page

Charles' Me Page

I (the guy on the right) just got back (well, got back in '97; but I remember it like it was yesterday) from 2 years as a teacher in Africa in the Peace Corps. I am now a postdoc on the CDF experiment at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory for UCLA. I now live outside of Chicago, not too far from where I grew up.

I did my Ph.D. was working on the CLEO II.5/III experiment in Ithaca, NY. I worked extensively on the designing, building and testing the stereo trigger for Cleo III while looking at the decays D0 -> pi pi pi0 and D0 -> K K pi0 in my spare time.

I did my bachelors (in math, physics and psychology) and my masters (in physics) here, too (I was having so much fun that I just couldn't leave). I think I graduated from Highland Park High School in 1988, but it's been so long, you may want to get independant confirmation of that.

In August 2001, Kate and I finally did what people have been waiting for us to do (got married). We are now happily living in our house with our 4 pets: Stereo, Holly, George and Lilly.